The Night Gardener: Jonathan Auxier

Torn from Ireland and forced to make their way in the world, Molly and Kip must trust their future to strangers.  Fortune seems to smile upon them as a sudden job opportunity presents itself in the form of caretaking an old manor house and the residents therein.  But there seems to be another resident lurking in the halls late at night.....

If you liked Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes, then yo will love this newest novel by Jonathan Auxier!!  If you don't mind a little bit of a thriller of a novel, that is!  I was certainly on the edge of my seat for nearly half the book, I must say.  Not for the faint of heart!!  *** SPOILER ALERT*** Just a note of caution: One untimely death of a character that is depicted quickly and with little detail as to not be graphic.  Still,  this character meets a rather unfortunate end.  

Grade Level: 4.9

Summer Reading Projects

Thank you for the lovely summer projects that have already been turned in!!! It's wonderful to see how you are progressing on your summer books so far. Keep it up 6th graders!!