Pembrick's Creaturepedia: By Ollister B. Pembrick

For those of us who have gone on the journey through the Dark Sea of Darkness, the Ice Prairies, or whether you prefer to live a simple life in the Glipwood township, all well meaning citizens know that Pembrick's Creaturepedia is the best source of knowledge in regards tot he strange creatures that dwell in the world of the Wingfeathers.  How else would we know that a flabbit's ears are ' not cute' or the eight-eyed Raggant has a jubilant demeanor?  Thank you, Ollister Pembrick for such a thorough compilation of the strange creatures that roam our borders.  

"With this creaturepedia close at hand, you may walk the world of Aeriar calm and/or composed, rather than embalmed and/or decomposing.
-O. Pembrick, Master of Disguisery"