Northanger Abbey: By Jane Austen

Catherine Morland is not your average heroine.  As far as her books tell her, the heroes should be brilliant, cultured, and witty.  Catherine is none of these, but delights in the adventures of her novels, rather than having one of her own.  
Until one day, she is invited to holiday in Bath.  This holiday will change her life entirely.  Her small, rural town at home now miles away, she is forced into the spotlight of the culture of a busy, bustling city. Catherine is not amused, until a certain young man appears in her life.  Mr. Tilney is everything a man should be, but can Catherine deserve him?  What will her friend Isabella, and Isabella's lovesick brother think?  Can Catherine abandon her friends for someone she barely knows? Then, upon being invited by the general to Northanger Abbey,  she discovers the family may have some secrets.   What mysteries will she find in those old stone halls?  What secrets lay hidden in the rooms of the Tilney family household?  

Made in Austen's brilliant style, Northanger Abbey shines out as on of the most unusual of her novels.  It was written over the span of 13 years, so that Austen from a young writer to become a more accomplished one, had time to make many changes to this work of art.  Beautiful in style as well as a compelling read!!

Grade Level: 10.8