In A Glass, Grimmly: By Adam Gidwitz

“So thirsty," Jack groaned.
"So worried,"said the frog. I hope we don't starve to death."
"Yes,"said Jill, "not starving to death would be nice."
"So would not thirsting to death," said Jack
"Thirsting isn't even a word," said Jill
"It isn't?"
"Then what's the word?"
"I don't know. You just can't."
This is, of course, the kind of inane conversation that occurs when people are slowly losing their minds.” 

Jack and Jill are actually cousins, didn't you know that?  Oh, and the Frog Prince is actually a tale about a frog who is not really a prince at all.  Just a frog who falls in love with a nasty, selfish princess, poor fellow.  This story shows the journey of two children who are learning (slowly, sometimes) to love themselves, and not get their identity from others.  Least of all some nasty, rude boys who convince Jack to sell his cow for some silly magic beans (even though the beans are actually magic) and Jill, so clouded by her queen mother's beauty that she cannot see what a terrible example she might be to follow.  

The second book in the on-going series by Adam Gidwitz does not disappoint!! Fans of the original Grimm fairy tales will love these fresh takes on their old beloved tales.

Grade Level: 4.4